Here at New York Medicine Doctors, we take women’s health seriously. If you require an expert gynecologist to help with your condition, we recommend working with our team. When applicable, we will perform a hysteroscopy to help diagnose the issue before creating a treatment plan. Please continue reading if you’d like to learn more information about this procedure.

What Is A Hysteroscopy?

A Hysteroscopy is a procedure that involves using a hysteroscope to examine the cervix and the inside of your uterus. This device is a thin, lighted tube inserted into the vagina to allow our doctor to gain a view inside the uterus. It can be used both as a diagnostic and treatment procedure.

What Can It Diagnose?

When used as a diagnostic tool, a hysteroscopy focuses on issues in one’s uterus. It can be used on its own or in tandem with other diagnostic tests, such as hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy. Talk with our doctors today and learn if you need to undergo a hysteroscopy for diagnostic purposes.

What Can It Treat?

Hysteroscopies are just as effective as a treatment procedure as they are at diagnosing ailments. If necessary, our team can perform this procedure as a form of treatment for any of the below issues:

  • Polyps and fibroids.
  • Adhesions.
  • Spetums.
  • Abnormal bleeding.

When Should A Hysteroscopy Be Scheduled?

Although hysteroscopies are a useful tool in maintaining your health, they must be scheduled to provide the optimal results. Our team recommends trying to schedule them the first week after your menstrual period. Doing so allows our doctors to get the best view inside your uterus possible.