The “Hamptons Bladder” Is Driving Rich New Yorkers to Seek Medical Procedures

The “Hamptons Bladder” Is Driving Rich New Yorkers to Seek Medical Procedures

The Hamptons, a popular summer destination for New York City’s wealthy residents, is known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious homes, and bustling social scene. However, the long drive to and from the Hamptons has become increasingly unbearable due to traffic, leading some individuals to seek medical procedures to avoid the need to use the bathroom during the journey.

According to a recent report by Insider, wealthy New Yorkers are seeking specialized medical procedures to combat what has been dubbed “Hamptons bladder.” Crawling through summer traffic to and from their second homes, sometimes as far as 100 miles away, has left many of New York City’s wealthiest with increased bladder issues, as there are few places to stop during the multi-hour trip.

To avoid the need to use the bathroom during the journey, some New Yorkers are seeking medical procedures such as prostate artery embolization (PAE) and “bladder Botox.” PAE is a medical procedure that reduces the size of the prostate in men, which can decrease urinary frequency. Meanwhile, bladder Botox is injected through a small scope inserted through the urethra, which can decrease urinary frequency for women. . The effects last for six months, making it a popular option for those spending the summer in the Hamptons.

Dr. David Shusterman, a Urologist at NYMD Center, has seen a 20% increase in patients seeking PAE procedures this spring. He has been performing roughly 10 PAE procedures a week for the past few months, along with bladder Botox once or twice a week. Shusterman has also been advertising the procedures with the tagline “Race to the Hamptons, not to the bathroom.”

While getting elective surgery just to avoid conflict on a road trip might sound over the top, PAE is relatively low-risk compared to the alternatives. Oral medications are usually the first course of action for an enlarged prostate, but they can have side effects such as decreased libido and low blood pressure.

For those who aren’t at the point of seeking a medical procedure, Dr. Shusterman has some advice for preventing conflict during long car rides this summer: stay away from alcohol, especially Hamptons rosé. “Alcohol is really bad — it has a direct irritation effect on the bladder,” he said. “Drink plain water. Hydrate, but don’t over-hydrate. You don’t want to be stuck on the road with nowhere to go.”

The Hamptons bladder is a real issue for wealthy New Yorkers, and many are turning to medical procedures such as PAE and bladder Botox to avoid the need to use the bathroom during the long drive to their summer homes. These procedures offer a low-risk solution to a common problem faced by many during the summer months.

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