Stay a Step Ahead and Maintain Your Urinary Tract Health

Stay a Step Ahead and Maintain Your Urinary Tract Health

Your bladder is one of those body parts that you probably don’t think about until it stops working properly. There are a few simple habits you can adopt that may reduce the risk of problems developing in your urinary tract, including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and chronic UTIs. Certain problems affecting your bladder can cause painful urination or urine leakage at unwanted times. These simple lifestyle changes and exercises can help ensure that your bladder keeps doing its job. 

Urinate Fully to Avoid UTIs

Women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men, which can also involve the bladder itself. One way to reduce your risk is to make sure that you urinate completely. If you tighten your muscles to stop urinating too quickly, the urine that you didn’t will head back to your bladder, which can bring bacteria into your system and bring on a urinary tract infection.

Drink Plenty of Water to Flush Out Bacteria 

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily can flush bacteria out of your urinary tract and help prevent infections. If you’re bothered by a constant need to use the restroom and you’re drinking fluids throughout the day, cut back on your intake. Try avoiding caffeinated sodas and coffee, as they’ll only increase your need to use the restroom.

Walk Regularly to Avoid Fluid Retention

If you are inactive and not exercising, you may develop fluid buildup in your legs. At nighttime, this fluid may cause the need to empty your bladder frequently. If you have fluid retention in your legs that’s causing an active bladder overnight, try walking around during the daytime. If you are unable to walk, try flexing your calves.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with Kegels

Kegel exercises are done to strengthen muscles that allow for better bladder control. Weak muscles can contribute to urine leakage, and may be caused by age or childbirth. If you’re still having a lack of bladder control, speak to your urologist at NYMD Center.

Decrease Your Fluid Intake When Needed

If you find you get the urge to use the restroom very frequently or you have incontinence issues, you may need to drink fewer liquids at certain times. If you’re getting up too much at night to empty your bladder, avoid fluids for two hours before bedtime.

If You Feel Something Isn’t Right, See a Doctor

Keeping track of your bladder health and maintaining proper care is crucial to avoiding issues in the future. While following all of these steps is a surefire way to maintain your urinary tract health, sometimes a UTI or other urinary tract issue may be an underlying symptom to something more serious. If you feel something isn’t right with your urinary tract health, schedule an appointment with one of our urology doctors in one of our three New York City locations.

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