Priapus Shot

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot commonly, referred to as the P-shot, is one of the treatment options we offer to help combat erectile dysfunction. Unlike other treatments for ED, the P-shot is specifically designed to create long-lasting results. This procedure can be beneficial for men who have suffered from lost function due to an enlarged prostate, the after-effects of surgery, prostate cancer, or even drug-related side effects due to conditions like diabetes.

The P-shot is a procedure that we offer in-office here at New York Medicine Doctors. This procedure incorporates the use of your own blood, and aids in increased circulation and blood flow. The results from this procedure can be seen almost immediately, as there is no downtime when it comes to recovery.

What to expect

When you get to the office, your doctor will apply a numbing cream to the penis. Next, blood will be drawn from your arm, the same as a typical blood test. We will then place the blood into a centrifuge to isolate your platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, from the sample of blood.

Next, we will add a calcium chloride solution to the platelets. This will trick the platelets into thinking it is injured, therefore leading the platelets to release growth factors into the liquid inside the tube. Your doctor will take the liquid from the tube and transfer it into a syringe, which will then be into the penis with a tiny needle.