Hair Restoration

As we age, some people begin to find their hair thinning or beginning to fall out. Fortunately, Dr. David Shusterman and our team at New York Medicine Doctors will be able to help with this. Through the use of SmartGraft, we can work to restore your previous hairline, giving you back the self-confidence that was stolen from you.

What Is The SmartGraft Procedure?

Although natural, hair loss can be an embarrassing part of life. However, through the use of SmartGraft technology, our team can give you back the healthy head of hair you thought you lost. SmartGraft is a bleeding-edge method of hair restoration. Through the use of an FUE (follicular unit extraction) device, one to four follicles of hair from a healthy area of the scalp that is “bald resistant.” Once this is done, our team implants these micrografts into the target regions, producing the desired results.

What You Need to Know About SmartGraft

Dr. David Shusterman is committed to helping our patients receive the optimal results when it comes to hair restoration. That is why we’ve chosen to utilize the SmartGraft method. This minimally invasive procedure comes with many benefits to our patients, some of which include the below:

  • SmartGraft allows for a natural, healthy look.
  • By using the micrografting process, scarring is more minimal.
  • It is a singular, in-office procedure.
  • The recovery period is short.   

During the procedure, the site where hair follicles will be harvested is shaved. Local anesthesia will then be applied to the area where the harvested follicles will be inserted. Our doctor will create strategic openings in the scalp that will offer the best chance of success when the follicles are placed. Expect the procedure to last around 5 hours. Most patients can return to work the following day without issues. However, it takes a few days before being able to return to more vigorous activities. Dr. David Shusterman also wants patients to remember that due to the nature of the procedure, you won’t see a difference overnight. It will take months before the follicles spread and grow into a healthy head of hair.