ExoDX Prostate Test

The ExoDx Prostate Test is a simple, non-invasive urine based liquid biopsy test that can determine the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The test is now available as an At-Home Collection Kit that can be initiated by an electronic order placed by your physician and sent directly to your home for self-collection. 

Why Choose ExoDX For At-Home Collection?

Prostate cancer is the leading cancer in men, with more than 160,000 men in the US diagnosed, annually. Early prostate cancer is generally asymptomatic, while advanced prostate cancer can cause frequent urination, the feeling that the urethra is blocked, and blood in the semen. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is very important that you consult with a physician.

  • COMFORT & CONVENIENCE: Patients collect their sample right at home, and FedEx will pick up the specimen from their home and overnight it directly to the Exosome Dx Laboratory. A result is provided to the ordering physician 3 to 5 days upon receipt of the sample
  • USING TELEMEDICINE: The at-home kit provides the patient and physician an additional tool to obtain an actionable result that helps inform both the physician and the patient as they determine the biopsy decision in a virtual environment.
  • BETTER CARE, NO UNNECESSARY PROCEDURES: The ability to use an at-home testing kit helps to avoid complications and costs associated with unnecessary biopsies and the corresponding overtreatment. Your physician is able to evaluate your risk for having high-grade prostate cancer, and subsequently whether you may be able to forego a prostate biopsy in favor or continued monitoring.
  • NON-INVASIVE, CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY:A liquid biopsy is a new class of non-invasive diagnostic testing that analyzes genetic material from the cell or tissue through the body fluids – such as urine, blood, or cerebrospinal fluid. A liquid biopsy can offer greater sensitivity vs. biopsy, but also avoids the pain and discomfort associated with traditional tissue biopsies.
  • SECURE DATA MANAGEMENT:The results of the ExoDx Test will be sent electronically through a HIPAA-compliant, safe, and secure online portal.


How Is Prostate Cancer Detected?

Detection of prostate cancer, generally, involves the assessment of risk factors (age, race, and family history), a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test, and finally a prostate biopsy, the sampling of tissue from the prostate.

The ExoDx Prostate(lntelliScore) (EPI) test was designed to help your doctor evaluate your risk for high-grade prostate cancer. This, in turn, may help guide your prostate biopsy decision process. The EPI test can be ordered by your doctor if you are 50 years of age or older, and your PSA level is between 2-10 ng/ml (often referred to as the grey zone because there is no clearly defined or wholly accepted protocol for next steps in treatment).

EPI, in combination with other standards of care parameters can help your doctor decide if you are a candidate for a tissue biopsy. Evidence strongly, suggests6 that most of the prostate cancers detected upon prostate biopsy are low-grade, and, will remain indolent throughout a patient’s, lifetime . This has put the medical community’s focus on avoiding complications and costs 1 associated with unnecessary biopsies and the corresponding overtreatment. EPI helps your physician to evaluate your likelihood of having high-grade prostate cancer, and subsequently whether you may be able to forego a prostate biopsy in favor of continued monitoring.

What Is The ExoDX Prostate Test?

The ExoDx Prostate Test, or “EPI,” is a simple, non-invasive urine test that can help you and your doctor determine the need for a prostate biopsy. EPI provides actionable information that aids the prostate biopsy decision for men in the PSA ‘gray zone’ of 2-10ng/mL, and is not dependent on PSA or other clinical risk factors.

How Can I Get This Test?

ExoDx Prostate{lntelliScore) must be ordered by your physician . Your physician will fill out a test requisition, collect a urine sample, and send the
kit to our lab for testing.

What Exactly Is PSA?

Prostate-specific antigen, or “PSA,” is a routine blood test measured for many men in the primary care or urology setting. While PSA is not prostate cancer-specific, it is the standard of care to indicate prostate cancer diagnosis that may lead to further testing. Making the biopsy decision is an important consideration between you and your doctor, because there are sometimes physical complications. The ExoDx Prostate Test will provide your doctor with important information to help you make this decision.

How To Interpret Your Score

The EPI score ranges from 0–100. If your score is above 15.6, there is a higher risk for clinically significant prostate cancer that needs further treatment, such as a prostate biopsy. Talk to your doctor about this procedure.

What If I Had A Negative Biopsy Already?

The ExoDx Prostate Test can help you and your doctor monitor the situation before undergoing a second prostate biopsy.

How Do I Know If ExoDX Is Covered By My Insurace?

The ExoDx Prostate Test is covered by Medicare as well as the VA Healthcare system, Medicaid, and several private insurance plans. We can help you navigate the complex health insurance system to determine if your plan covers the cost of the test.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Results?

The test results will be available to your physician (to share with you) 3-5 days after we receive the sample in our lab.