Enlarged Prostate

How is an Enlarged Prostate treated?

Another common issue that men face as they get older is known as BPH, or an enlarged prostate.  Those who live with BPH can experience numerous issues, such as constantly waking up throughout the night  to urinate, or having a weak stream when you’re trying to do so.  Fighting through urinary issues can quickly decrease your quality of life, which is why we’d like to help.  Enlarged prostates can be treated through the use of the following methods:

UROLIFT Procedure

The UROLIFT Procedure involves the use of tiny implants that are inserted to help open up the blocked pathway your enlarged prostate is causing so urine can flow through. It is great for avoiding medications, as they can sometimes cause harmful symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Another benefit of the UROLIFT Procedure is that it tackles the problem directly, allowing you to find relief right away.

Thermodilatation System

This procedure involves the use of microwave thermotherapy and proprietary balloon compression technology to both heat the prostate and dilate the prostatic area. Much like the other mentioned treatments, the Thermodilatation System works to create an open passageway for urine to once again flow through. The entirety of the procedure lasts around 45 minutes and is relatively painless.

Rezum Procedure

The rezum procedure uses the natural energy stored in water vapor to remove excess prostate tissue that is pressing on the urethra. This process is done by exposing the prostate tissue to sterilized water vapor. While most patients can find results in as soon as two weeks, others may need up to three months of treatment for the maximum benefit.