Monitoring the health of your heart should always be a top priority. At New York Medicine Doctors, we have the means to do just that. An electrocardiogram (an ECG or EKG for short), is a test that monitors the electrical signals in your heart. By administering this test, our team can determine if a problem is present, and offer solutions based on the results.

Why Undergo and ECG/EKG

Even small issues with the heart can quickly become fatal if not treated promptly. That is why the second you suspect a problem, you must seek out medical attention. An electrocardiogram is a perfect way to check for this. It can be done on patients of all ages, and will help detect any of the following:

  • Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms).
  • Clogged or narrowed arteries.
  • If pain or discomfort you’ve experienced was actually from a heart attack.
  • The effectiveness of certain types of heart treatments.

How Does It work?

An ECG/EKG is not an invasive procedure. To accurately read the electrical signals running through the heart, our doctors will place up to 12 electrodes around your chest and limbs. Electrodes are sticky patches that are placed on top of the skin with wires that are connected to a monitor. Once the electrodes are in place, our team can read the electrical signals to determine the cause of the issue.  

How Can You Prepare?

In most cases, patients will not need to do anything to prepare for the examination. However, the doctor may ask for a list of medications you are currently on, as these can play a role in what is taking place in your heart.