Annual Exams and Physical Exams

How Long Is The Test?

Both annual exams and physical exams play a crucial role in allowing doctors to screen for health issues. The examination will combine a mixture of paperwork, health questions, and testing of your vitals, which are all used to help determine your health level. Depending on the reason for the exam, expect it to last between 30 to 45 minutes.

How Should You Prepare?

If you have not worked with our team at New York Medicine Doctors for an annual exam or physical before, we’d like to pass along some information on how you can prepare for it. Make sure you have gathered any pertinent information regarding your medical history, as the doctor will ask about it. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing as well, as you’ll have to move around a bit during the examination. Our team has also noticed that past patients have found it beneficial to come into the exam with a prepared list of questions they have for the doctor.

What To Expect

Several different aspects go into each annual and physical examination. Upon your arrival, you’ll likely be given a questionnaire to fill out regarding your medical history. Once it is time to meet with the doctor, they will go over what you filled out while also asking additional questions. They will then go on to perform testing for vitals, which includes checking your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, weight, reflexes, and more. If it is a sports or camp physical for you or your child, at the end of the exam, the doctor will fill out paperwork for you, which shows whether or not you are fully cleared for physical activities.