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Eyesight is arguably the most important sense, yet 14 million Americans rely on eyeglasses or contact lenses to see clearly. LASIK® surgery provides gentle surgical correction of refractive errors -- like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism -- to improve eyesight and eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts. Dr. Liviu Saimovici provides LASIK surgery at New York Medicine Doctors in the Midtown East neighborhood in New York City.


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How does LASIK surgery work?

During robotic-assisted LASIK surgery, Dr. Saimovici reshapes the cornea and corrects refractive errors with computerized precision.

Who is a candidate for LASIK surgery?

Dr. Saimovici evaluates each patient on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, the following conditions have to be present for you to be eligible for surgery:

  • You eye prescription must fall within a certain range.
  • You can’t have eye disease or certain eye conditions.
  • You can’t have any current infections or infections that frequently recur.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You shouldn’t have autoimmune disease.
  • Diabetes must be well-controlled, and patients with diabetic retinopathy are not eligible.
  • You cannot be pregnant or nursing

Not all considerations are listed here; Dr. Saimovici will evaluate every patient carefully to determine their suitability for the procedure.

Does LASIK correct vision to 20/20?

The closest doctors can come to estimating each patient’s outcome is using data from past cases. No doctor can guarantee 20/20 vision after surgery, but almost all patients report that they’re able to function daily – including driving and watching TV – without glasses after surgery. In fact, many patients are so pleased with Dr. Saimovici’s work that they go on to refer friends and family to New York Medicine Doctors for LASIK.

Is the procedure painful?

Dr. Saimovici will administer anesthetic eye drops before the procedure begins to ensure you don’t experience any pain at all. Once the procedure is over, though, some patients experience minor irritation for just a few hours.

What kind of recovery period can patients expect?

You should be able to resume your regular activities as soon as a day or two after their procedure. On average, vision is clear just 24-48 hours after surgery with improvement continuing over a few months. Contact sports and swimming can be resumed after several weeks according to the doctor’s instructions.

Can patients have vision corrected in both eyes at the same time?

Yes, most patients choose to have both eyes done at once for convenience.

Does LASIK eliminate the need for reading glasses?

LASIK corrects distance vision and eliminates the need for distance glasses; however, if reading glasses were used before surgery they’ll still be required after surgery.

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