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COVID-19 Testing Q&A

With The COVID-19 pandemic still at large, early detection of positive cases is imperative. That is why our team has begun to administer COVID-19 Rapid, PCR, and Antibody testing. By visiting us, you’ll be able to see if you have been infected with the disease and if you’ve formed antibodies to combat it.

How Long Is The Test?

Both the viral test and antibody test are not relatively long procedures. For the viral COVID-19 test, it will likely take no more than a few minutes, if not less, for our doctors to get hold of the needed sample. An antibody test will take even less time. However, keep in mind that both testing options are invasive, so be prepared for that when you walk through our doors.

How Should You Prepare?

If you believe you are showing the symptoms of COVID-19 and want to get tested, call, and let our doctors know ahead of time. Doing so will allow us to take the proper precautions for our staff and other patients. Make sure you have a mask ready for when you come to our facility, and be prepared to remain socially distant from everyone in the building until the test takes place. In regards to the antibody test, you’ll once again need to call ahead of time to schedule an appointment for one. If you previously tested positive for COVID-19, you’ll need to remain in isolation for at least 14 days before you can come in for this test.

What To Expect?

As previously stated, both tests are a bit invasive. The viral test uses a nasal swab to collect a sample from the respiratory tract. The antibody test involves having blood drawn. While invasive, these two methods offer the most accurate results.

Are There Side Effects?

All three testing procedures are safe, but you may deal with a few side effects. Experience general discomfort in the testing area following the procedures is common. Additionally, slight bruising may take place in the area where blood was drawn.