Connected Care: Home Health Monitoring

Connected Care Home Health Monitoring helps your doctor easily monitor your health remotely.  You can measure and monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, weight and glucose among other health metrics using our medically accurate devices, and your doctor will receive your health data automatically.

Why Choose Connected Care?

If you have one or more chronic health conditions, your doctor may ask you to monitor your blood pressure or weight frequently. Manage your condition along with your doctor from the comfort of your own home. Your data is safely stored and shared with your doctor via the portal in real time for analysis and feedback.

  • MORE EFFICIENT HEALTHCARE:Your healthcare professional can remotely monitor and provide care and instruction from the office via email communication, phone, or telehealth.
  • PEACE OF MIND, BETTER TREATMENT: Your doctor has current and thorough information to make a more accurate diagnosis and take action faster, such as making medication adjustments.
  • EASY SETUP: You can use your own device, or you can be issued a device by our staff. Your data is synched to your account and will be received by your healthcare professional.
  • CLINICAL ACCURACY AT HOME and ON-THE-GO: easily monitor your health conditions when traveling, or at work. Wireless, connects to your smartphone via free App. Integrated with both Apple Health™ and Android Health™. Also works with Apple Watch™ or Android Wear™.
  • ADVANCED FEATURES: Measurement charts, goal tracking, multi-user ability, reminders, notes and innovative smart feedback mode.
  • SECURE DATA MANAGEMENT: store, monitor, track your progress in your app, on demand sharing with your family or doctor (in app or via email).
  • SMART DESIGN: All devices are streamlined and compact, easy to store or wear. Wearable devices are stylish, very light and portable, fully wireless, light, and discrete. Battery life up to a year of frequent use.