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Ultrasound is a highly useful tool in the treatment of all types of urologic issues. Dr. David Shusterman at New York Medicine Doctors in New York City uses ultrasound for diagnostics with issues like kidney problems, penile and scrotal issues, renal issues, bladder and prostate issues, and many other types of problems.

Ultrasound Q & A

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What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a pain-free and non-harmful method of diagnosis that is often used at New York Medicine Doctors. Ultrasounds use sound waves to help create a 3-D image of the inside of the body. The sound waves move throughout the body, bouncing off the body's organs, fluids, and tissues to help form the images needed to make a diagnosis.

New York Medicine Doctors performs all ultrasounds on-site, which allows for a prompt diagnosis and a rapid treatment plan. Ultrasounds of the kidneys, penile and scrotal tissues, bladder, prostate, and other organs are often done for patients who have symptoms that may indicate urinary system issues.

How can patients prepare for an ultrasound?

Generally, minimal preparation is needed for an ultrasound. The patient may be asked to avoid urinating for a certain period of time prior to the ultrasound, for example, in the case of bladder and kidney ultrasounds. In the case of a prostate ultrasound, the patient may be asked to use an enema to clean out their bowels several hours before the appointment. During an ultrasound, the patient will lie in a comfortable position. A clear gel is applied to the skin in the area where the ultrasound will be performed.

The ultrasound probe -- a handheld device called a transducer -- is gently glided over the skin while the patient relaxes. In a prostate ultrasound, a small transducer is placed within the rectum to generate the images needed. In some ultrasounds, the patient will be asked to do the ultrasound in stages, first with a full bladder and then again after emptying their bladder.

How are ultrasound images interpreted?

At New York Medicine Doctors, ultrasound images are interpreted at the same time they are generated. Dr. Shusterman will view the ultrasound images on a nearby monitor and will use these images to confirm a suspected diagnosis or to make an original diagnosis. Having the ability to perform ultrasounds on-site allows patients to get the answers and the relief that they need as quickly as possible.

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