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Pain in your back, hips, neck, or other joints doesn’t always respond to medication or rest. When joint pain interferes with your daily activities and makes it painful even to walk, it’s time to turn to Dr. Sireen Gopal of New York Medicine Doctors in the Midtown East neighborhood of New York City.

Joint Pain Q & A

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What causes joint pain?

Joint pain can develop from a number of causes. These include: wear and tear, conditions such as arthritis, or an injury. Joint pain caused by an injury can become chronic, particularly if it has not healed properly. Whatever the cause, joint pain can eventually lead to stiffness and a decreased range of motion. Dr. Gopal determines the cause of joint pain before giving you treatment options.

How does Dr. Gopal diagnose joint pain?

Dr. Gopal performs a physical exam and runs tests as needed to diagnose the cause of your joint pain. During the exam, Dr. Gopal evaluates the affected joints and discusses your symptoms. He may order X-rays or other imaging tests, such as an MRI if further examination is required. These tests enable him to see the affected area in greater detail to determine:

  • Where joint pain is coming from
  • How much damage there is
  • How widespread the damage is

How does Dr. Gopal treat joint pain?

The type of treatment Dr. Gopal recommends depends on the cause of your joint pain its severity. Minor damage to tendons, cartilage, or ligaments usually doesn’t involve invasive techniques or surgical procedures. If you have more serious tendon, cartilage, or ligament problems or major labral issues, Dr. Gopal might recommend interventional pain management, such as platelet-rich plasma or spinal cord stimulation. You might also benefit from orthopedic treatments, such as physical therapy.

How can patients prevent joint pain from returning?

You can lower your risk of having joint pain returning after treatment in several ways. Getting regular physical activity, especially exercise that involves improving your flexibility and muscle strength, makes you less likely to have chronic joint pain. You can also prevent it from returning by losing excess weight that puts pressure on your joints. Dr. Gopal provides you with helpful information on reducing your risk of having recurring joint pain.

To learn more about treatments for joint pain or to schedule an appointment, please contact New York Medicine Doctors.

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